Case Study: BASF Chemical



BASF required a simple and easy to use interface to allow their sales force to accomplish complex engineering and to provide a competitive product comparison between their products and their competitors. The system had to be able to be used by non-engineers to create a powerful engineering solution.


We created a very simple marketing and engineering module that allowed anyone without any engineering experience to select products and engineer without any prior engineering knowledge or computer experience to compare the Senergy Products with the competition’s products. The system requirements demanded both a web based system as well as a standalone, offline interface that was simple and easy to use by both technical as well as non-technical personnel.

BASF(NYSE: BF) owned the Senergy branded wall system that created wall system products that helped to efficiently cool buildings in warm climates utilizing attractive wall system panels. Because of the high quality of the Senergy products, BASF had a perception problem that a Senergy system was more expensive that a non-BASF system. BASF wanted to show that the Senergy wall systems were priced competitively with all other wall systems along with delivering a powerful branding message that would stick in the minds of anyone considering wall panels and to insure that when someone thought of wall panels they thought of BASF Senergy.

The Internet software engineering calculator and marketing system that we provided allowed them to powerfully engineer, market and brand the BASF, Senergy solution as the product of choice in efficient, attractive, competitively priced wall systems.

The system allowed the BASF sales person to select the best product for the customer’s actual requirements both from an esthetic aspect as well as a functional engineered prospective. Through pre-engineered calculations, when a sales person would select a potential Senergy product, all of the engineering calculations for energy savings, R-Values, product requirements and total material parts lists, labor hours, all costs, markups, taxes, shipping, and engineering specifications would be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen for automatic ordering, scheduling, and job setup of the potential customer’s requirement.

This simple and easy to use interface insured that the customer was involved in the selection and design of their building wall panel system and that the products selected would not only meet the requirements of the customer’s needs and desires, but would completely comply with all local and state building codes and specifications. Requirement like wind resistance, hurricane codes, local temperature variances, humidity issues, as well as a plethora of additional calculations and considerations could instantly be engineered and configured to insure that the project would meet all necessary requirement for a successful installation of the BASF wall systems.