Blue Moon Coyote

Solutions To Map The Customer Journey For Your Practice

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Highly Specific Online Behavioral Marketing

Blue Moon Coyote has spent the past 20 years working with some of the top companies in the world developing and integrating proprietary software and systems on the Internet. With the mission to maximize revenue and increase ROI for each of their clients, Blue Moon Coyote focuses on the Customer’s Buying Journey by designing a touchpoint map to reach patients at the critical decision stage. The Customer’s Buying Journey is unique to each business.

Blue Moon Coyote takes into consideration past and present online behavioral data to determine the exact target audience down to the zip code to ensure delivery of the on-brand information reaches the individual at the exact time the request is made.

Take into account Google, it alone receives 90 billion monthly requests and 93% of Internet users begin their online experience on a search engine. Coupling these facts with the knowledge that 97% of all research is today done on the Internet, and that 57%-80% of research is done by the buyer before engaging a vendor, and it is obvious that delivering on-brand content in context at the exact time the patient requests the information is highly critical in their decision stage.

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Focusing On The Customer's Needs, ROI Increases!

Blue Moon Coyote predicts future customer behavior by analyzing past online behavior. This ensures that the most highly-targeted individual is found and delivered to the business as a customer; both for online and brick & mortar locations.

Blue Moon Coyote employs the Internet’s sound marketing strategies for a successful business; Content, Commerce and Community.